GodsEyeLab is the research lab, which is a startup leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to help businesses. This is where, we find the solutions, which is then translated into customer-specific solutions for our clients.

Our goal is to help businesses achieve a high degree of efficiency by allowing you the freedom for creativity based on the solid foundations of our big-data number-crunching AI. We know that human fails at combing through large amounts of data and drawing valuable insights from them. This is what our AI does. This leaves the employees and managers to look at the big picture and make educated decisions. This type of big picture in-context thinking is best not left to AI.

In the big tent of machine learning and AI, GodsEyeLab is currently working on breakthrough research on health informatics and NLP. Our co-researcher is working on wind energy solutions and efficiency using big data analysis and machine learning.

Neel Shah : Founder

Working on machine Learning and Deep Learning in Data analysis, NER and NLP. Previously, I worked in Datalog.ai in Machine Learning ,and before that data analyst research intern at Panchamrut Dairy. I also worked as Independent Consultant for business analysis for Arjun Roadways. Main research interest area are Artificial intelligence, Data science, Business Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Arnab Das : Co-Founder

Hi, I'm Arnab Das and I'm a co-founder of GodsEyeLab, the research wing of PatternEye. I specialize in Machine Learning, Deep Learning with Mathematical Modeling and Prediction Analysis. I also conduct research in the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI, Business Analysis and Prediction Modeling with the use of modern mathematical tools and statistics.